Our experienced and fully qualified staff of project managers, chemists, groundwater hydrogeologists, geologists, geochemists, engineers, certified drillers, and field personnel, provide a full range of environmental services from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments to a detailed evaluation of aquifer characteristics and implementation of soil and groundwater remedial systems.

Principal Operations Manager 

Christopher Mraz 

As the lead member of Resource Recovery Atlantic Environmental Services' management team, Mr. Mraz is responsible for all business development decisions, business management, contract negotiations, profit and loss for operations, client satisfaction and quality assurance.

Mr. Mraz’s background includes overall management of operations, project management, project coordination, waste consolidation, sample plan preparation, and on-site implementation. His extensive experience includes above and below ground tank remediation, site surveys, waste stabilization, soil excavation, structure and building decontamination and demolition, waste classification, and site restoration. Mr. Mraz reviews bid submissions and pricing, manages all off-site transportation & disposal of hazardous and residual waste and is involved in contract negotiations.


• Ciba Giegy, Toms River, New Jersey – Responsibilities included the development of an innovative transportation and thermal treatment method for waste basin sands. Project involved the treatment and reuse of over 7,000 cubic yards of basin sand from a basin closure in Toms River, NJ. Mr. Mraz was responsible for obtaining all permits, contract negotiations, cost tracking, project scheduling, client interfacing and vendor management.

• Star Enterprise, Delaware City, Delaware – Developed cost effective segregation and recycling method to remediate a mixed waste impoundment. Responsibilities included development of operations plan, including all permitting, cost control, and day to day management of project. Involved the sorting of approximately 20,000 cubic yards of residual waste.

• Petroleum Products Corp. Various, Pennsylvania - Responsible for oversight and planning various techniques involved in the preparation of API 653 testing of Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST’s). Daily activities included purging, air monitoring, confined space entry, liquid and sludge removal, decontamination, demolition, and final disposal of material and scrap metal. Also Mr. Mraz coordinated the cost-effective recycling of all remaining products from the above ground storage tanks.

• Volkswagen Terminal, Port of Wilmington, Wilmington, Delaware – Managed the day to day operations of the identification, segregation, classification of over 250 drums containing hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In addition identified and used various outlets for the recycling of plastic body parts, tires, waste oils and alchohols.

Specialized Training:  OHM 40 and 8 hours OSHA Health and Safety Training;  OHM 8 hour Supervisory Training;  DOT Hazmat Training

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Petroleum Institute
  • Delaware State Chamber Environmental Committee
  • Pennsylvania State Chamber Recycling Roundtable

Chemical Engineer 


Dr. Ghanekar is a Registered Professional Engineer, DE. with a working knowledge of Spanish and German. A dedicated chemical engineer, Dr. Ghanekar has performed and managed large projects for the World Bank, United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), United States Army Environmental Control (USAEC), Corps of Engineers (COE), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DOD), Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP), and private industries.

World Bank - Dr. Ghanekar managed the study on Integrated Urban Environmental Management for the Chembur and Thane Belapur industrial areas in Bombay, India. The project involved six feasibility studies such as industrial waste abatement, institutional strengthening, health impact, emergency planning, traffic management, and legal, administrative and financial aspects. His work plan written by him was praised by World Bank as one of the best documents and was accepted "as is". Dr. Ghanekar led all technical and administrative work phases as a project manager.

Ecology and Environment -  Performed nine projects simultaneously involving feasibility studies, remediation, waste minimization, chemical fate and risk analysis, environmental assessment, remedial investigation and design, treatability and HAZOP studies, spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans, closure of underground storage tanks, technical reviews, and regulatory compliance.

DuPont - Performed chemical fate modeling and computer-assisted literature searches to study the effects of deepwell injection practices on the groundwater quality. He designed and operated a continuous reactor to convert the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) waste into harmless chemical compounds and studied dry-box batch reactions. He also conducted microfiltration pilot runs using an auto pressure filter in support of EPA’s Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation (SITE) program. He received a merit award for his work.

Woodward Clyde - Performed an in-situ bioremediation at a RCRA site, designed an air stripper and a carbon adsorption treatment, audited a major laboratory, developed analytical methods and provided technical staff training. 

As a NIH/WELCH research fellow, he participated in research and development projects using spectroscopy, chromatography, inert atmosphere, high vacuum, thermal and wet chemistry techniques. He analyzed waste-water, coal and oil samples for Spectrum lab.


Andries “Andy” F. Westerbaan P.G

Mr. Westerbaan has over 20 years of experience in the Environmental Consulting Industry where he has served clients both in the private and public sector. His experience ranges from initial site evaluation and conceptual model development through site investigation and remediation for sites ranging from less than 1 to over 50 acres throughout the northeast, northwest United States and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He has interfaced with state and federal environmental agencies including the U.S. EPA, DNREC, NJDEP, PADEP, and MDE.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Phase 1 and II Site investigations, Geologic,  Hydro geologic,  and Remedial Site Investigations
  • Soil and Ground Water Remediation Methods
Management Responsibilities:
  • Project Management              
  • Construction Management               
  • Subcontractor Management
Regulatory Interface Experience:
Employment History:
  • 2004 – 2010 – Consulting Professional Geologist

  • 2002 – 2004 – Tetra Tech Inc.

  • 2001 – 2002 – Consulting Professional Geologist

  • 2000 – 2001 – Montgomery Watson

  • 1998 – 2000 – Consulting Geologist for Fluor Daniel GTI, IT Corporation, Advanced GeoServices, SMC Environmental.

  • 1996 – 1998 – OHM Remediation Services Corp.

  • 1995 – Environmental Science and Engineering Inc.

  • 1994 – Keating Environmental Management Services

  • 1989 – 1994 – Roy F. Weston, Inc.

Recent Projects:
  • MDE - Former Firecracker Production Facility, Northeast Maryland – Completed initial file and site history review, submitted initial workplan for investigation of site related contaminants (perchlorate and heavy metals) related to historical manufacturing operations. Site investigation tasks included stream sampling, surface and subsurface soil sampling, monitor well design with installation oversight, well sampling, slug test implementation and analysis. Submission of site investigation report with recommendations for future remedial measures.
  • DERBCAP - DNREC - Former Fuel Blending Facility, Claymont Delaware – Implementation of a site assessment of various ASTs located at a former petroleum blending facility. Duties included research of site background, initial soil and groundwater sample collection with a subsequent Tier 1 Site Investigation.  Implementation of a groundwater monitoring program inclusive of well design with installation oversight, well sampling, oversight of site survey, piezometric mapping, and mass loading calculations. Data was utilized for future groundwater monitoring.
  • USTIF- PADEP – Site Characterization - Leaking USTs in Bensalem, PA –  Characterization of BTEX and MTBE groundwater plume. Provided design and oversight of monitoring well installation for compliance coupled with soil sample efforts. Managed subsequent site survey tasks and groundwater sample efforts and reporting. Provided calculations of contaminant loading for soil and groundwater. Supported groundwater modeling efforts to determine fate and transport of site related contaminants.
  • Hydrological study – PENNDOT - Shortrun, Pennsylvania – Implemented multiple slug tests for incorporation into groundwater modeling efforts for mounding effects of proposed surface water retention basins along route 611 in the Poconos.
  • NJDEP UST Branch - Sussex County – New Jersey – Implementation of a site investigation at a former UST site in Wantage New Jersey. Provided design and oversight for monitoring well installation. Managed subsequent groundwater sampling efforts and site survey of site.  Provided summary Investigation Report to NJDEP for closure.
  • MDE– Allied Propane Inc. – Elkton Maryland – Implementation of a site investigation of impacted soil and groundwater from areas surrounding multiple leaking USTs. Tasks included subcontractor selection, delineation of impacted soil and groundwater.  Submittal of remedial options for soil, oversight of soil remediation and subsequent sampling activities. Responsible for final reporting through site closure.
  • DNREC – Retail Gasoline Centers New Castle County, DE. Technical consultant for providing guidance of site investigation and assessments for multiple gasoline retail facilities in New Castle County Delaware. Tasks included review of tasks completed, guidance for future efforts with subsequent reporting.

Federal Projects:

  • EPA’s Response Action Contract (RACs) Region 3 – Superfund. Implementation of various remedial Investigations as part of the RAC contract (Clearview Landfill, Old Wilmington Road, Watson Johnson Landfill, Havertown, and Greenwood Chemical. Design of site-specific conceptual models and groundwater monitoring programs inclusive of recovery and monitoring well design, downhole geophysical surveys, packertesting, pump testing and analysis. Responsible for subcontractor procurement and negotiations. Technical report development including analysis of raw data.  Public relations for the U.S. EPA at selected sites.
  • Amtrak Maintenance Facility, Wilmington, Delaware. Investigation of preferential pathways for product migration for a site wide conceptual model under HSCA/SIRB. Conducted pilot program for enhanced product recovery.  Responsible for project oversight including: sump specification selection, vendor and subcontractor selection, skimmer installation, data collection and analysis. Assisted in the design of a site wide LNAPL recovery system.
  • Project Geologist - ERCS Region II Contract with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Chuckatuck, Virginia.  Assisted in construction and supervision of a dissolved phase pump and treat system for groundwater containment.  Duties included daily inspection of construction, troubleshooting, design specifications from initial well installation to systems start-up.  Weekly contact with EPA representatives regarding construction and budget.  
  • Project Geologist - Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) project - Plattsburgh Air Force Base, Plattsburgh, New York.  Design and implementation of well construction for a LNAPL dual phase recovery well field, conducted groundwater and LNAPL yield tests with specific capacity on newly installed wells for subsequent pump specifications.  Oversight of SVE and bioventing well installation.
  • Pease Air Force Base, Portsmouth New Hampshire. Implementation of supplemental hydrogeologic investigation at various sites. Subcontractor negotiations, development of a well installation program for monitoring a newly installed zero valent iron treatment wall. Management of staff personnel with training, scheduling and reporting. Regulatory Interaction and negotiation with both EPA and State environmental agencies.
  • Project Geologist, under OHM’s US Navy LANTDIV multi-contaminant RAC. Implementation of pilot tests for air sparging/soil vapor extraction (AS/SEV) systems at two sites at the Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk Virginia.  Design and implementation of well construction for both AS/SVE systems, data collection providing daily status reports to the client.
  • Responsible for Work Plan development and implementation of additional site characterization at the Q-Area Drum Storage Yard (QADSY) in Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia. Delineation of dissolved phase vinyl chloride and dichloroetene in site groundwater using hydropunch sampling technology with an onsite mobile lab.

Private Sector Projects:

  • Project Geologist - RCRA Corrective Action, Chevron Refinery, Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Work efforts included the evaluation of an oily water sewer system at the New Jersey refinery.   Work plan and sampling plan development, assisted in redevelopment of risk evaluation system which assigned specific sampling plans to portions of the sewer based on levels of structural risk. Weekly negotiation with NJDEP.
  • Project Geologist - Evaluation of Groundwater Remediation Efforts, AMP Inc., Automobile Parts Manufacturer, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Evaluation of various dissolved phase recovery well systems across Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Tasks included Subcontractor scheduling, recovery well installation, aquifer testing, and borehole geophysics.  Development of technical reports.
  • Project Geologist - Site Assessment, Hess Oil Refinery, St. Croix US Virgin Islands. Responsible for delineation of LNAPL in a weathered limestone system.  Work plan development, records review, design of monitoring and recovery well installation for enhanced product recovery, bail down testing, and single well pumping tests.  Technical report generation.
  • Project Geologist - Superfund Remedial Investigation, Vertac/Hercules - Abandoned Pesticide and Herbicide Plant, Jacksonville, Arkansas. Designed and developed Phase II groundwater monitoring and remediation program.  Responsibilities included design, implementation, and analysis of both pump tests and slug tests in fractured media. Borehole geophysics and stratigraphic interpretation; recovery well field design. Also responsible for DNAPL delineation and recovery, implementation of a one year pilot program with pump and treat technologies for dissolved phase DNAPLs with EPA oversight.  Technical report generation along with response to EPA comments.
  • Project Geologist - Aquifer Protection, Army Creek Landfill, New Castle, Delaware. Project included recovery wellfield monitoring and rehabilitation, implementation of groundwater sampling plans. Implementation of specific yield tests, aquifer/pump testing and analysis.  Subcontractor negotiations.

Project Manager

Brian Jones

Project Coordinator and Health and Safety Officer Duties include:

  • Preparation of health and safety plans for hazardous waste remedial projects
  • Establishing strategies for monitoring ambient air and personnel on hazardous waste sites.
  • Preparation of equipment decontamination plans for hazardous waste remediation projects.
  • Maintaining site specific log books to document compliance with site specific HASPs
  • Implementing ambiet air and personnel monitoring plans.
  • Setup of hazardous waste sites to the required exclusion, contamination reduction and support zones.

Experience:   Background includes extensive project management experience in above and below ground tank remediation, site surveys, sheeting and shoring implementation, soil excavation, structure and building demolition, water treatment installations, and site restoration. Mr. Jones also participates in bid preparations including site walk downs, project scheduling, budgeting and cost estimation.

An overview of Mr. Jones  USEPA, NJDEP, PADER, USCOE, NAVY and private sector experience includes:

Owens Corning Landfill, Berlin, New Jersey – Day to day management and supervision of a landfill closure in Berlin, New Jersey under a voluntary installation, and installation of earth-layered material on the 16 acre landfill.

General Dynamics Submarine Construction Base, Groton, Connecticut - Oversight and management of all day to day activities during the excavation of contaminated soils. Wastewater treatment systems were installed.

Brunswick Naval Air Station, Brunswick, Maine – Day to day management and oversight during the installation of an air sparging/soil vapor extraction system. Work consisted of surveying, carbon steel pipe installation and as-built drawings.

Naval Submarine Base Tank Closure Project, Groton, Connecticut – Site management for a RCRA/TSCA below ground closure of underground storage tanks (UST’s). The UST capacity of waste oil was 750,000, which had to be dewatered prior to remediating. Mr. Jones set up a wastewater treatment plant and treated water within tank end and coordinated disposal of RCRA/TSCA sludge waste.

National Railroad Passenger Corporation (Amtrak), New York - Turnkey site remediation and closure of various substations and terminals throughout the United States. The type of remediation services provided included delineation of contaminated sites, water treatment systems installation, multimedia sampling, storage tank closure, environmental audits and hydrogeological studies.

Harmony Grove Landfill, Dover Township, Pennsylvania - Managed and supervised the installation of a water collection and treatment system on the 18 acres that had been in use on this former landfill site. Scope of work included clearing and grubbing, grading, 2,400 linear feet of trench excavation, installation of piping and electrical wiring, erection of the treatment building, dewatering of excavations, backfilling, and site restoration.

Reneer Films, Pennsylvania - Managed and supervised a lagoon closure. Operations included excavation and solidification of sludge material, transportation and disposal coordination project staffing and personnel scheduling, daily cost tracking, and vendor management.

Lakewood Municipal Utilities, Lakewood, New Jersey- Managed and supervised an ECRA guided cleanup for pesticide remediation. Project entailed excavation of soils, water treatment and disposal, transportation and disposal scheduling, client interfacing, and environmental and safety compliance.

E I Dupont Denemours - Day to day management of an inter-building tank demolition. Management duties included environmental and safety compliance, daily progress meetings with client, vendor management, cost tracking, activity scheduling, and budget.

3M Bristol Pennsylvania - Responsibilities included the day to day management of all site activities, transportation and disposal coordination, client interface, activity scheduling, daily health and safety monitoring, vendor management and cost tracking.

Jack Frost Sugar Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Managed ECRA (PCB) cleanup project requiring approximately 5,200 tons of PCB material to be excavated around and below buildings. Proper safety caution was practiced to include underpinning and shoring, as well as electrical shutoff when excavating around these obstacles.

Adams Maintenance of Way Station, North Brunswick, New Jersey - Oversight and planning of various techniques involved in the closure of heating fuel storage tanks. Daily activities included purging, air monitoring, confined space entry, liquid and sludge removal, decontamination, demolition, and final disposal of material and scrap metal.

Specialized Training:  OHM 40 and 8 hours OSHA Health and Safety Training; OHM 8 hour Supervisory Training; New Jersey UST Certification; Asbestos Awareness Training